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Douglas Okada was born on July 25,1984 in Araraquara, SP, Brazil. Since his childhood, he had great interest in drawing at school, he had already stood out as a sketch artist that easily captured expressions using his friends and relatives as models. In 1999, he began to develop his skills with Professor Marcelo Miura, but it was in 2002 that Douglas began to paint professionally and in the same year he started to give painting classes in Jaboticabal. “The light, the moment and the reality” are artist’s inspirations. Nowadays, Douglas takes part in several art exhibitions and shows. He has works in several private collections, museums and art galleries in Brazil and abroad.

Art Review

"The first impression that the observer has of Douglas Okada's painting is the sight of large spaces that seem to move us where the painter fixed the image. The broad skies and colors that fade in the distance reflect the painter's love for nature and his happy vision for life. Simultaneously, the artist tempers his joy of living with a rigorous research with the formal application of techniques often rigid, transformed into vital for love and for the poetry that animates them. Quest for true form and creative feeling merge to give us a personal and self-sufficient autonomous work, in other words, a true and felt art. The gesture for the authentic interpretation of nature where the decisive feature and the polychromy give the work an immediately perceptible poetic meaning are qualities inherent in the work of Douglas Okada. The art of this young painter is born of a cultural research and style under a past age through a critical and contemporary analysis of tradition. What emerges is not, therefore, a hybrid commitment without autonomy and personality, but a reaffirmation of art. In his work the color conveys the expressive power of a state of mind, but not only remains color, becomes vision, form, nature and choice moved. Emanuel von Lauenstein Massarani (Art Critic and President of the Institute of Restoration of Historical Heritage of São Paulo).



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